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Arnold Asphalt Custom Shirts – Bloomington, IN

Custom T shirts for Arnold Asphalt out of Bloomington, Indiana we helped them from design, production and delivery!

We helped the great people over at Arnold Asphalt in Bloomington, Indiana with their custom screen printed t shirts! We helped them every step of the way, and we as usual delivered them for free directly to their business in Bloomington, Indiana!



Beginning of designing

We started designing along side John Arnold Owner of Arnold Asphalt. He simply wanted his business name displayed across the back and a pocket logo displayed. We quickly got to work setting up multiple mock ups to help him decide on his final design! Displaying your business name on your custom t shirts is the perfect way to get noticed out and about.

Starting Production

Once John over at Arnold Asphalt approved the final mock up we then quickly got to production. We started by cutting his custom screens featuring his decided custom graphics. We then began the custom screen printing processes and ran the custom t shirts through our heat presses to ensure they we’re properly cured we then sent the custom t shirts through our quality assurance to ensure their durability and vibrancy. We then sort fold and package each individual custom t shirt and prep them for our free complimentary delivery.

Finally Delivery to Bloomington, Indiana


Finally we begin the process of delivery, every single order that comes out of ZR Custom Apparel & More comes with our free complimentary delivery! Because we know you work hard so why add one more thing for you to do! We either hand deliver your custom t shirts, custom clothing or custom products or mail them to you via the United States Postal Service! We offer this free delivery service across the USA to places like Kansas City, Missouri – Bloomington, Indiana – Warrensburg, Missouri and many more!

Interested in ordering some Custom Screen Printed Apparel or Custom Products?


Just give us a call at (816) 287-0674 or email us at zrcustomapparel@gmail.com we answer calls and messages 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to contact us! If you want to see some of our work we have done you can check out or works page

We also offer free delivery on all orders! So you can get your custom t shirts, custom apparel and custom promotional products for a great price without sacrificing convenience!

Check out Arnold Asphalt, Bloomington, Indiana

If you wanna learn more about Arnold Asphalt and what their great family owned business is all about in Bloomington, Indiana just check em out at their website here – https://arnoldasphalt.com/


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