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Cold season = Custom Clothing! Kansas City


The cold season has arrived! We are now reaching for our sweaters and sweats in drawers we haven’t used in months!

Businesses and events are continuing to need custom advertisement. That doesn’t change, because it gets cold!

Custom-Screen-Printing-ServicesCustom t-shirts are still an option indoors and under coats, but some want other options!!

While doing custom sweat shirts we also do custom sweat pants! Custom sweats are awesome because they give you that comfort while also keeping you warm. Your logo will sit over the pocket and will provide yet another way to get seen in your community. Its a favorite especially for those in sports or in gyms. A lot of businesses and groups tend to want both sweat shirts and sweats to match. We are here to help you find the best design, best product and best method of presenting your logo. We love helping businesses grow and expand through the power of advertisement.

We stand out from other apparel shops because we help you through the set up of your logo.

Maybe you don’t have one or you are wanting to make some tweaks. We have made plenty of tweaks to logos and made up brand new graphics from scratch. On our website you can find a video where we traced our customers tattoo and applied it to his t shirt. An idea became a reality and then a t shirt. The same can be said with a custom sweatpants.

Your goal is to be seen and recognized by your customers and potential customers.

Let us help! Billboards can help, but they are limited. Clothing goes an unlimited amount of places. While billboards are just billboards custom sweatpants, custom t shirts, custom sweaters are a mobile advertisement that also could be considered style. You could even run Facebook ads, but then you pay per click. Whats awesome about custom apparel is people see it, its washed then worn again. People see it again and again and you pay a single price. Its also a reminder that you are local, your present in the community and your apart of peoples lives in that area! Facebook Ads and Billboards cannot do that.

Your more than a business or event! Your a people business or event.

Thank you to all the places that have helped us succeed like Kansas City, MO and Bloomington, IN! We love helping out our local businesses and the great workers and owners get custom advertising they need to stand out from the crowd! We offer free delivery on all orders, you can give us a call at (816) 287-0674 or email us at zrcustomapparel@gmail.com we answer messages 24/7! wanna see some of our work check out our works page

you can even check us out on facebook we post specials and product updates all the time, so give us a like and a follow!


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