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Cotton Vs Polyester – Custom shirts

You need custom shirts? Now the question arises what material do I want?

When it comes to the question “what is the best shirt to get?” and “What is better cotton or polyester” honestly there is no perfect answer. We prefer to print and wear certain brands and models here at ZR Customs because we know there tried and true and simply the best quality for the best price. But honestly there’s a few factors to consider when selecting your custom shirt blanks. But don’t worry If you don’t know what you want we can help here at ZR Customs


Custom Shirts – Cotton

Cotton has been used in clothing and every product you can think of for hundreds of years! Honestly I don’t see cotton shirts going away any time soon, especially in the Custom Shirt world! Cotton is naturally occurring and renewable resource that not only is soft to wear but will decompose properly when disposed of. You can even get ringspun cotton which is so much softer than conventional cotton! Plus If you live here in Good Ole Kansas City, Missouri or anywhere else in Missouri, cotton is a very common crop out here! Plus lets face it a 100% cotton custom shirts is way more breathable than a 100% polyester custom shirts! Cotton also beats out polyester in price, you can also get custom shirt blanks that are made with organic cotton as well. So they didn’t use any insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals during the growing process. Honestly when it comes to a custom shirt and you want a more natural option. Cotton Custom shirts are the way to go!


Custom Shirts – Polyester

Polyester was created in the 1940’s so its been around for over half a century. Honestly we have seen a huge increase in its popularity through the years. You see big brands like Gildan, Nike and underarmour use polyester all the time! Its the super moisture wicking technology!  Some of the other perks it has, its more resistant to wrinkling that cotton is, it fades less in  the wash, and is long lasting and durable. Also its less absorbent than cotton, which is where the moisture wicking technology comes into play. Its honestly a great choice for anyone that works jobs where they get messes all over themselves when they work. When it comes to athletic wear polyester honestly has cotton beat when it comes to custom shirts.

Custom Shirts – 50/50 cotton and polyester mix

When it comes to custom shirts there is another popular option that we honestly love here at ZR Customs. Its a 50/50 poly/cotton blend. It honestly gives you the best of both worlds, It gives you a durable long lasting, moisture wicking t-shirt, with that cotton soft feel that we all love! Honestly that’s all I ever wear any more when it comes to my custom t-shirts. Not only that but 50/50 mix is the best for screen printing because the shirt and the print will have a long life. So your custom advertisement lasts that much longer! Plus 50/50 blend is generally cheaper than all the options combined!


Which is best?

Well honestly its really up to what you want, but rest assured whatever custom product you decide. The team here at ZR Customs can help you pick out the proper inks and material to ensure you have a long lasting, vibrant and durable custom product! We love helping out companys, businesses and groups in selecting their product blanks, designing and we also offer our free delivery on all orders to places such as Kansas City, Missouri and all over the USA. Because we know your busy so why not let us take some of the work out of premium custom advertising! You can call us today at (816) 287-0674 and order today!


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