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Custom Beanies – Kansas City, Missouri

Growing up you may have called these Beanies. Or possibly you called them by one of these names —>

knit caps, sock hat, knit hat, poof ball hat, bonnet, sock cap, stocking cap, tossel cap, ski hat, toboggan, burglar beanie, watch cap, woolly hat, snookie, sugan, chook.

Whatever you call these fun, warm, designer hats we got you covered.

We can provide you with a truly custom beanie that’s of great quality and a great price. ZR Custom Apparel and More is here to help you design your custom idea. Whether that be for your group or business. We use a few different methods to achieve this great quality we are so proud of.

First, is the embroidery method.

This method provides the thread to be sewn directly into the beanie. Providing a raised look and most of all a look that will last. thread seems to not fade and obviously cannot peel or crack. This is a method that creates a professional look, there is just something about a nice custom embroidered hat that just helps it stand out from the crowd, and help your brand or logo leap off the hat. This method is great for marketing and advertising for that very reason because it stands out and can be worn everywhere and anywhere, you aren’t limited to a billboard on the side of a street.

Another method we use in screen printing.

Its one of the oldest methods, but it has remained the best way to print on apparel/beanies. Screen printing stays vibrant, doesn’t crack or peel and it is truly the king at providing detailed logos. The Screen Printing process starts at the screen where we process the negatives, to create essentially a stencil, that we hand squeegee plastisol ink into, directly onto your custom beanie. This your custom beanie the long-lasting plastisol screen printed graphic that will stand out and help step up your marketing or advertising campaign.

Finally the patch option can be applied to a velcro patch that is sewn on to the hat.

Or we sew the patch directly to the beanie. this is a lot like the embroidery method except its an applied method. It still matches embroidery when it comes to quality. These are very popular amongst, outdoor and military groups or businesses. And honestly are some of our favorite to make. We start off by embroidering the custom patch, then Apply it via velcro or hook and loop, Fabric adhesive or we hand sew the custom patch to the custom beanie. This is yet again another great method to help your marketing or advertising campaign excel!


Custom Beanies is only part of what we do! – Kansas City, Missouri

Over here at ZR Custom Apparel & More, we make more than just custom Beanies. We screen print and embroider on every apparel and clothing item imaginable. We also do custom products, and again we ship them for free to places such as Kansas City, Missouri 100% free delivery! We are Veteran owned and veteran operated, as well as offer military and veteran discounts. We can help you with your custom advertising needs from the beginning of the design process, all the way to production of your custom apparel or custom products to the final delivery of the items. Because we believe in delivering premium custom advertising that will last. That will stand out from the crowd, and drive customers to your business!

So give us a call at (816) 287-0674 and order today!

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