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Custom Hoodies better than pumpkin spice

Custom-Screen-Printing-ServiceHoodies and sweatshirts are most peoples favorite thing about the cooler weather, right next to pumpkin spice.

Fall came in pretty quick this year. Businesses and events still go on during the cold months and they need something that will do a few things for them. First, they need their apparel to advertise for them. Second, It needs to be warm and appropriate for the weather. Last, It needs to be durable and able to handle whatever your business or event throws at it.

Here at ZR Custom Apparel and more we love to use the screen printing method.

We are not just any ordinary custom t shirt shop. We are so serious about producing quality that we wont even use vinyl. We refuse to give our customers something that we wouldn’t want ourselves. Screen printing is the king of apparel printing. It insures durability in sweatshirts so you can rest assured that you got a product that will stand the test of time. We love filling every one of those needs here at ZR custom.

The other guys wont help you with your logo.

A lot of times if you dont have a logo premade they can’t help you. Here at ZR Custom we have the college experience and work experience to make sure your getting a genuine logo that can help you get noticed. We love helping businesses get great prices on hoodies and sweatshirts for the cooler weather months.

Right now we are getting calls for people needing just that.


Businesses like our recent customer Arnold Asphalt. He and his crew will be warm and will be advertising their business. We are having so much fun getting their order completed from their hoodies, Sweat shirts, and t shirts. They decided on both zip-up sweat shirts and pull over hoodies. We Just got his design approved so we are ready to roll onto production. Thank you Arnold Asphalt. Other businesses like Arnold Asphalt are calling for their gyms, their construction businesses, Asphalt, etc. Each hoodie, sweatshirt, sweater or even long sleeve shirt will be different than the last.

We like to encourage people to try and buy bulk to save themselves a dime.

. But either way we are here to help you reach your goals. Keep warm out there!! Thank you places like Kansas City, Missouri and Bloomington, Indiana! We offer free delivery across the USA, To places like Kansas City and Bloomington, Indiana!You can email us at zrcustomapparel@gmail.com We answer messages 24/7 and are more than happy to help! Check out our works page here – Works Or check us out on Facebook

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