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Custom Shirts a Powerful Marketing Tool

Custom Shirts Have Lots of Pros

Let’s talk custom screen printed shirts! Here are some ways they can help you make an impact. First of all, they are cost effective especially when ordered in higher quantities. Second, they are very versatile and can be used in many different advertising platforms. Third, they are super easy to customize through our screen printing processes. Fourth they are quick to produce we can have your order to you within a week and ready for your advertising opportunities. Fifth they are simply one of the best direct marketing tools you can get your hands on! Seriously, handing your customer a free t-shirt can make them a life long customer because you helped them feel appreciated. Heck, you can even sell shirts out of your store, make extra money and advertise sounds like a win-win!

ZRcustom workScreen Printed Shirts Work

Something else custom screen printed shirts do is they outlast your campaign period. That means long after your event or marketing those shirts are still circulating and creating buzz for your business. They also have a huge potential to reach a wider audience than other forms of marketing. Finally, a big bonus to utilizing custom screen printed shirts in your campaign they can provide an easy way to measure your return on investment. When you see your customers walking in and out with there custom screen printed shirts featuring your store brand. You are sure to know they are working there magic out on the street. Nike does it why can’t you right?

Custom Screen Printing Services Kansas City, MissouriMarketing Pros We Got You Covered!

We can make marketing that much easier! Here at ZR Custom Apparel & More, we can help you with screen printed shirts, and any other promotional products you need! We can help from design, production and finally with our free delivery! You can contact us and talk stuff over if your unsure what the best products will be for your marketing needs. We would be more than happy to help you choose what custom promotional products will help you build brand awareness.  We offer our services here in Kansas City, Missouri and across the USA! All with free delivery directly to your door.

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If you live anywhere in the USA we offer free delivery! To places like Kansas City, Missouri – Bloomington, Indiana and so much more! You can check out some of our work here or follow us on facebook. If you would like a quote on some premium custom advertising for your business or group you can fill out the contact form below we respond to messages 24/7 and look forward to helping your business grow with premium advertising!

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