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Custom Screen Printed Hoodies – Kansas City, MO

Colder weather is slowly creeping upon us!

So you know what that means, time to start breaking out the cold weather gear! That means the most basic cold weather items such as hoodies will be adorned by everyone! So why not put your advertising on it, and get your business some custom screen printed hoodies and apparel!

Why getting Custom Screen Printed Hoodies is a fantastic idea?


Well when it comes to long lasting durable custom apparel, screen printing is king! Plus everyone loves wearing a custom screen printed hoodie, They are soft and comfortable and you  cant even feel the graphic when its screen printed, making it that more enjoyable to wear! A custom screen printed hoodie, is a mobile billboard that is sure to get you a ton of advertising, for a great price!

Screen printing makes bulk orders a breeze!

Once you start getting your custom screen printed hoodie or custom apparel order into the 100 item count, prices start getting pretty great! So screen printing makes mass advertising that lasts super affordable! Plus the more you order and get out there, the more chances for potential customers to learn about your business! Plus custom apparel has a huge advantage over web advertising, because people trust a physical advertisement more than they do some click bait ad on the internet!

Kansas City, Missouri has a huge population – So get your logo walking the streets!

Kansas City, Missouri

In the Kansas City, Missouri Metropolitan area (So Just KC alone none of the surrounding areas) They have a populations of 2.34 million that’s 260 people per square mile! That means that every single person you get a custom screen printed hoodie, Has a chance to advertise your business to thousands of customers, just by simply going out to get themselves a cup of joe! Plus if you live in any other city or town, it’ll have the same effect, and we offer free delivery across the USA so it helps bring down your ad costs!

So what are you waiting for Kansas City Missouri! (and America!)

Order your business or group some custom screen printed hoodies or custom screen printed apparel today! Get custom advertising that works for you, and help get your business out there the right way! Give us a call at (816) 287-0674 or contact us at zrcustomapparel@gmail.com we offer free delivery on all orders, that means to Kansas City, Missouri or anywhere across the USA! We care about your business and what our custom products can do to step up your advertising game!




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