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Custom Screen Printing Quality and Quantity


You know the old saying quality over quantity

What if I said when it comes to premium custom advertising from us over at ZR Custom Apparel & More. That we can get you quality and quantity! Well you would be right, with our premium screen printing methods, quality and quantity are best friends on  this! Screen printing is king when it comes to ensuring you have a custom shirt, custom hoodie and custom apparel that will last! The nice thing is if you want to utilize custom apparel as a great custom advertising method to create top of mind awareness, screen printed apparel makes it easy and affordable. Our custom screen printing methods can be affordable, as well as the highest quality printed shirt you can get for your business or brand.

Lets talk about the quality

If you are unaware of screen printing, Its the method of pushing ink through a screen that has your custom stencil or graphic on it. Its a bit more complex than that, but that’s a basic breakdown of it. Here at ZR Custom Apparel & More we love quality, its what we live and breath. So when it comes to apparel we refuse to use lesser quality methods such as vinyl. Vinyl wasn’t engineered to go onto a t shirt that’s why it peels and cracks to its hearts content. But when it comes to screen printing, if done properly, your shirt will fall apart before the graphic can even think of it. Us over at ZR Customs has hunted far and wide for the best ink possible, to ensure you get the highest quality custom shirts and custom apparel we can give you!

Quantity – Custom Shirts as far as the eye can see!screen-printing-service

The key to top of the mind awareness, is just that top of the mind awareness. For your customers remember you they have got to see you everywhere! With custom shirts and custom apparel it makes it pretty hard for people to forget you. If we look at clothing brands such as Nike and Adidas. These brands are perfect examples of this, they got there products in customers hands and potential customers hands. Which in turn was just mass advertising that paid for itself! With custom screen printed apparel it makes it real affordable to duplicate this kind of top of mind awareness, in fact screen printing thrives in quantity. When you start getting into orders of 100 or more prices get really attractive for resale and even giving away your custom shirts or custom apparel. If executed properly, selling your own business branded apparel can be a profitable advertising method for your business, brand or group!

Order some Custom Apparel with Free Delivery!

Over here at ZR Custom Apparel & More we know your busy that’s why we offer our complimentary free delivery across the USA to places like Kansas City, Missouro – Bloomington, Indiana and many more! As well as Custom services from designing, and production. That way you can focus more on your business! You can give us a call at (816) 287-0674 we answer 24/7 and are more than happy to help you get custom advertising you need. You can also fill out the contact form below with whatever info for what you need. If you wanna see some of our work you  can see it here and also you can check us out on facebook

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