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Screen-Printing-Services-Kansas-City-MissouriCustom Screen Printing is the only way to run a custom t shirt shop.

We have seen others focus on vinyl and DTG. Those places are usually a few hours wait, but the quality you receive just isn’t even coming close to what screen printing will give you. The reason usually isnt because of their technique. No, it is with the very core of those methods. Their vinyl “stickers” for a lack of a better term just stick to your fabric. They are not bonded into the apparel. When something is just a sticker it is not engineered to move, or be fluid with the fabric. It also can peel, crack, and loose color, because it is just attached to the apparel. It is not apart of the shirt it is just stuck onto the surface.

As for DTG or Direct to Garment.

Its closer to what screen printing is like, but still it doesn’t deliver. DTG is a machine that lightly applies a small amount of ink to a t shirt to create an image. The DTG printer is a distance away from the surface or the shirt and it spurts out ink. Firstly, the ink has to have a thinner consistency to get through the print head. This means the ink is not as durable, not as thick, will not stay as vibrant as long, etc. That is the first issue. At the core of the ink they have to use the ink just isnt up to par. And that isnt their fault. The DTG machines have to have that thinner consistency to operate. The second issue is that the ink is sprayed onto the fabric. It is just sitting on top of the fibers. Coloring the tops of the fabric, but never really getting colored. It isnt being pressed into the fabric, Thus the fabric is just being lightly coated. This obviously gives you the same issues as before. To say the least you will not have a good looking product for long.

Our Custom t shirt shop focuses on quality, quantity, and customer service.


We love helping businesses, organizations, sport teams, groups, clubs and companies receive great screen printed t shirts and apparel. Custom t shirt shops should be more than just a quick fix. They should be producing quality and be able to watch their customer walk out with a smile on their face knowing they are giving their customer something thats worth the money they spent. Thats always the best feeling when you know you helped another person and you were upfront and honest when it came to making sure they received a good product at a good price.

Screen printing in a custom t shirt shop is necessary. I cannot stress that enough.

Our inks are engineered to soak into the fibers of your apparel. Once cured it can then withstand the fluid nature of an apparel product like a t shirt. Other methods use “stickers” or a different kind of ink that isn’t durable, it doesn’t stay vibrant, it cracks, and worst of all it was never designed to move with the wearer. Instead because it is incapable of doing so it cracks, fades, and looses its color. Our custom t shirt shop is proud to serve and prouduce premium screen printed apparel that will last!

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