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Custom Yard Signs – Kansas City, Missouri

Yard signs. We see them all the time.

They help us promote our businesses, sell our homes, let others know about events, the list goes on and on. Yard Signs come in so many different shapes and sizes. Yard signs also leave a mark in someones mind about you, your business, or your organization. We at ZR Custom Apparel and More want to help you make an aesthetically appealing sign that will give your customers or guests a good impression of you or your company. While also making sure its bright and vibrant insuring that the customer or guest is able to read the sign. There is a few different sign types we are able to produce for our customers.

First, Corrugated plastic signs.

These are the yard signs seen in most political campaigns, garage sales, and other short-term promotional events. The 4mm corrugated plastic sign is slipped onto an H-frame. They can be printed on a digital printer or even screen printed for high volume jobs.

Second, is the bag sign option,

these yard signs are pre-printed plastic “bags” that slip over a heavy wire frame. They’re ideal for political campaigns or large promotional campaigns. They’re typically screen printed.

Third, Steel frame signs.

These are your “Realtor” yard signs. Not only are the frames made from steel, but the sign faces are too. That’s because they’re going to be out in the elements, week after week, for several years.

Fourth, 4′ x 8′ signs the largest of all the yard signs,

these are usually suited for bigger yards or busy roads where visibility is an issue. We typically only see these in political campaigns along a highway, or in front of a store announcing a grand opening or going out of business sale. These yard signs can be made from half-inch corrugated plastic, Alumalite panels, or occasionally MDO, and can either be printed on directly with a UV printer, or we can print to vinyl and laminate it to the substrate. They are considered heavy duty. We can help you find whats best for you and your business!

Custom Bulk Apparel and Custom Products is only part of what we do! – Kansas City, Missouri

Over here at ZR Custom Apparel & More, we make more than just custom yard signs. We screen print and embroider on every apparel and clothing item imaginable. We also do custom products, and again we ship them for free to places such as Kansas City, Missouri 100% free delivery! We are Veteran owned and veteran operated, as well as offer military and veteran discounts. We can help you with your custom advertising needs from the beginning of the design process, all the way to production of your custom apparel or custom products to the final delivery of the items. Because we believe in delivering premium custom advertising that will last. That will stand out from the crowd, and drive customers to your business!

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