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Designing Business T-shirts – Kansas City, Missouri

What design should you choose for your custom screen printed apparel?

Businesses have done custom screen printed t shirts forever and can actually be traced back to the 1950’s. Which is pretty crazy if you ask me! An example can include local resorts in Miami, who practiced putting graphics on shirts to sell to tourists. Fast forward to today and Custom t shirts can be just as practical for your business and its advertising plans!

1. Why do you need a custom t shirts for your business?

Honestly there is tons of reasons to get custom t shirts for your business or group. We have listed several reasons why you should order custom shirts for your business.

Promotion Advertising

Promotional business t shirts are a great option to design your custom shirts for! Promotional t shirts are something you give away for free to your customers. This advertising method helps keep your business in mind to prospective customers and clients.  Honestly its great because it turns everyone you hand a free t shirt into a walking advertisement! I know I have plenty of promotional t shirts giving to me through the years that  I still wear to this day!

This really is a great way to generate talk about your brand and get your business or group out there, and with screen printing processes we offer at ZR Customs we can help cut down costs without cutting quality so your customers will be more than happy to sport there free promotional t shirt!

Business and Brand Values and Goals

Each custom t shirt we make has an image, and that image can be used to express goals and values to your customers! This makes it the perfect platform for your businesses elevator pitch! A solid t shirt design can convey exactly what your business or group has to offer! Which can convert potential customers into loyal customers, all because your custom t shirts caught there attention on the streets of Kansas City or whatever city your in. (We offer free delivery across the USA to places like Kansas City, Missouri)

camaraderie with custom shirts

Custom shirts can be like uniforms except more fun! When I served in the U.S Air force we had whats called Moral Shirts. They where custom t shirts sporting the squadron logo, these shirts helped build a sense of camaraderie among the squadron. If you involve your employees in the design process, it can help build that sense of camaraderie!


If you can honestly say your design is appealing enough and trendy, you can sell your custom shirts as merchandise from your store or group! If you design it properly, you can not only get some promotion but some extra revenue for your business or group! We offer graphic design services as well as our other promotional product services at ZR Customs if you need any help with the designing of course.


From Company events, to Fairs, to any event imaginable! Custom event shirts can make any event a success and help keep your business in the mind of prospective customers well after the event has ended!

Finally you can start to write a list of themes that you want for your custom t shirts, Styles and traits about the design style, that your want your business to convey to customers or potential customers. What story is your brand trying to convey, serious or playful? Conservative or edgy? Luxury or Affordable? A great t shirt design should answer all these questions bouncing around a potential customers head at a glance!

When you have decided your custom t shirts goals you can prioritize the various aspects of the design in a manner that will fit your businesses needs!

2. Figure out the Quantity, budget and the timeline for your custom t shirt order.


When it comes to custom screen printed t shirts Quantity directly effects the end cost of your custom t shirt order. Over here at ZR Custom Apparel & More we do everything possible to reduce cost without cutting quality on your custom t shirts. When it comes to screen printing larger orders are more cost effect than other printing methods and can get you more impressions per dollar when it comes to custom shirts.  100 shirts or more can often be a good starting place for orders of custom screen printed t shirts at a great price! But we are more than happy to work out numbers with you with a free quote, with several different options.


When it comes to big budgets it really means more than just a higher quantity of t shirts. It means you can add more colors to your custom screen printed shirts, and can even do full color prints. Obviously the higher quantity you order the cheaper having more colors in your print becomes. Start thinking about the dollars early so you can decide on the best options in your designs to get the most out of your budget. (don’t worry about delivery charges cause we offer delivery 100% free on all orders)


When it comes to timeline figure out ahead of time when you need your custom t shirts or custom products by. Here at ZR Custom Apparel & More we have a general turnaround time of 5 to 10 business days generally 5 to 6 on our custom apparel. We can sometimes get them to you sooner than that but we like to give you that buffer room to ensure you leave yourself enough time to have your custom shirts ready for any events. We can even help deliver the shirts directly to an event so you have one less thing to worry about on event day.

3. Know your printing Options

When it comes to custom t shirts, there’s many methods and options that you can choose from. Ranging from the premium option screen printing to vinyl and direct to garment. All these options have t

here place but not all are created equal. Of course what you choose depends on your needs.


Screen Printing

Custom Screen Printing has been around for a while, and honestly, it hasn’t changed much from its invention in 1907. Of course there’s all kinds of new materials to use and longer lasting inks. But the same idea remains the same, we push Ink through a screen stencil onto a custom t-shirt or other custom apparel. This is the most affordable option for large quantities, and when you get into larger orders full color prints become quite affordable. Plus its one of the longest lasting printing methods, and has the best feel and quality.



A cheap printing method, that makes low qty orders more affordable. The cons to this method, it often cracks and peels and just doesnt last. When you start getting into higher qty orders its not as ideal as screen printing because of the cost of man hours involved in weeding vinyl graphics. Plus it has a very plastic feel to them.


Direct To Garment

Direct to garment is a newer printing method for custom apparel. This method uses modified inkjet printers to print directly onto t shirt blanks. This method allows full color prints onto t shirts just like our full color screen printing methods, except this method is more cost effective for small orders. The more you need to order, the better option screen printing is for you.  Direct to garment also doesnt work super well on dark garments, the use of white inks through inkjet printers tend to gum it up, and the dark printed shirts tend to fade very quickly. Screen printing yet again is a higher quality print method that will not only last longer but ensure you have that quality and look that will last.

4. Figure out the Design Concept

When it comes to developing your business t shirts designs its not just about what ideas to communicate but its also about how to communicate that effectively!

What Articles of Clothing to use

Well we all know there are tons of different options in this day and age for clothing from brand, style and even material. When it comes to  selecting custom shirts you have options on styles such as v-neck, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, polo and so many others! It really keeps the mind busy when choosing from so many options!

When it comes to the style you often have to consider costs

Shirts printing servicesShort-Sleeved T shirts

Short sleeve T-shirts are often one of the most cost effective options when it comes to custom t shirts! Over at ZR Customs we often suggest such quality brands as Gildan, Bella + Canvas and Next Level. However we can print on any apparel you desire, with our premium screen printing and embroidery methods! Our suppliers offer us an unlimited selection of shirt blanks

Custom long sleeve t-shirtLong-Sleeved  T shirts

Custom Long-Sleeved T shirts are more expensive than short-sleeved shirts but are more preferable for winter and fall. This option also offers the ability to print designs along the sleeves, which has a neat design ability that short sleeve shirts don’t offer.

V-Neck T shirts

Some people prefer V-neck shirts for the style and fit, they can be printed on just like screen printed short sleeve shirts. However when it comes to placement on the front of v-neck shirts the placement of the front graphic can be effected depending on how deep the collar is on the selected v-neck t shirt.

printcustompoloCustom Polo’s

Polo’s can be a great option for custom apparel they are a great candidate for embroidery or screen printing. They really can add that bit of professionalism your business is looking for. They can be more expensive but if you care about a professional look the cost is well worth it.

Decide how large you want your custom shirt design

Starting with a canvas size that will fit your shirt and needs is very important. Figure out where you want your graphic and how big you want your graphics before starting the design process. If your unsure about this we are more than happy to help you here at ZR Customs with deciding graphic sizes and placement.

Different Clothing Sizes

When it comes to designing your graphics, you need to have the size of t shirt in mind. To make sure it will look good and fit properly on each size of t shirt. Now with screen printing if you dont want the same size graphic on each t shirt, additional screens have to be made for different sized graphics. But often if you design your graphic with the proper sizing it has no issue fitting on a wide range of sizes as well as looking like it belongs.

Lets make some awesome custom products for your business or group!

Over here at ZR Customs we pride ourselves in our quality custom products. We are more than happy to help you with your custom t shirts and custom promotional products. We offer services from design, production and free delivery! We serve places like Kansas City, MissouriBloomington, IndianaSpringfield, Missouri – And a all across the USA!

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