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What makes a great advertisement?

Simplicity, and quality, are the two key factors.

You want your customer to be able to understand what your conveying immediately so simple becomes of utmost importance, especially when it comes to custom products. Utilizing ornamental and tough words rather than short, simple and properly understandable words can kill an advertisement in seconds.

You want to also attract your customers attention.

It should be eye catching and draw them in within seconds. Thats why not only the graphic matters, but the vividness of your printed custom products and the quality. The following are good ways to draw your potential customer in.

  1. Headlines or the catchline should be properly worded and simple. It should be short but also memorable to the reader.
  2. Use of graphics and images such as your business logo, should be in direct relation to your service or business you are advertising for.
  3. Quoting benefits of your business over others such as free delivery or quotes can also help obtain the reader’s attention, whether it’s online or on a custom product

Your advertisement or custom product should also have a conviction value.

Something to ensure your target audience knows of your business, service or products quality. A lasting impression. That’s why it is important to make high quality ads and have high quality custom products to reflect the quality of your work. Again keep it simple.

The advertisment or custom product should have memorising value.

Something that will leave an everlasting impression on your audience. Such as a bright and vibrant t shirt featuring your logo and a catch line something thats clever and easy to remember.

Most importantly, your advertisement should be true.

It should not misrepresent and conceal the true facts about your product or service.


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