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Patches Stick Your Advertising Everywhere!

Custom-Embroidery-Services Patches are a cool way to add your logo, your event design or cool custom quote to a t shirt, jacket, hat, etc.

Whatever custom idea you have we can translate that idea into a patch if that is what you are looking for. This would be another option from the traditional screen printing option or the embroidery option. Either way we are here to serve you. Patches are a great choice. You can attach patches to hats or any other form of apparel you desire.

While we have been in business often times people tend to go for hats as being the main product they prefer to patch.

We have done batches of patch beanies for gyms. Another option would be the classic patched trucker hat. We love the look, it seems to be popular around veterans, military, gyms, and around groups that are considered “youth”. Its very popular right now and seems to be making a come back from the earlier years of patching denim. The main difference between patches and embroidery isn’t a big one. Both are embroidered from a thread machine. The difference is when something is embroidered its threaded directly into the garment.


The patches are different, because the patch is embroidered and then we attach the patch to the fabric of your choice!

The look is a bit different. Patches will obviously have their own outline while embroidering straight into the fabric will result in no borders. Patches are usually very stylish and used to attain a certain “look” desired by the customer. We love helping our customers attain their desire when it comes to custom apparel that works for them. We know you work hard. Let your custom apparel work for you. By advertising for you and thus bringing you more business

. So far we have seen a lot of people succeed through custom advertisement.

Its more meaningful then a billboard and more successful too. A big thank you to our customers for letting us help you with your custom advertisement thus far! Here’s to the future t shirts, jackets, hats, etc with patches! Plus when we offer a one stop shop for your advertising needs it makes it that much easier. Need a custom graphic we got you covered! Need a custom promotional product, we got you covered! Need custom apparel, we got you covered! Plus we got our free delivery on all orders across the USA to places like Kansas City, Missouri – Bloomington, Indiana and many more! If you wanna order today just fill out the form below! You can see some of our work here 

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