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Physical Advertising and its lasting impact.

Physical advertising leaves a lasting impact!

According to a study (PDF Here) that examined the role of a neuroscience in traditional marketing tactics, such as screen printed t-shirts for a good example. physical marketing can have a larger impact on the human brain than its digital marketing brother. This study makes a few points, most importantly, because physical media for example such as screen printed shirts or screen printed hoodies even, require more brain processing, therefore it is more effective at imprinting in the memory. What that means your physical advertisements like custom screen printed shirts, have a better chance to stick with your prospective customers after initially seeing your custom advertising!

This study also shows that your prospective customers can connect better with physical advertisements because they have a stronger connection with personal feelings. Basically Physical Advertisements such as screen printed shirts, can actually stimulate the portion of the human brain that deals with memories and helps log them as a physical  vivid memory. People love making connections with businesses and physical marketing such as screen printed t-shirts really can help drive that emotional connection home!

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Some other Examples of Physical Advertising

Honestly us over at ZR Custom Apparel & More offer all kinds of physical advertising! We offer everything from custom screen printed t-shirts, custom screen printed hoodies and any sort of screen printed apparel you can think of. We also offer custom embroidery services and other custom products. All with free delivery across the USA to places like Kansas City, Missouri and so much more!

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