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Screen Printed Jackets – Custom Advertising

Screen-Printing-ServicesThis Winter you may be looking for something a little warmer than a sweatshirt to keep you and your team warm.

We have you covered. We love to help business and groups receive some awesome screen printed and embroidered jackets to show off who they are and ultimately make a mark in their community. All other apparel printing businesses will tell you that screen printing is the best investment you can make. It holds its vibrancy as well insures that it will not have cracking logos for up to five years from production. Saving you money from making new jackets each and every year. Not to mention the hassle.

We help our clients from the beginning stages

Whether you have a logo or not we can help you by designing a logo for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Then we assist our clients in getting them the apparel they need. If you have a budget we stay on target. We also address any questions or concerns when it comes to the fabric or the best brands to get the best product.

Here at ZR Custom Apparel and More we will insure you are satisfied. Custom-Screen-Printing-Service

Finally we make sure the very finest inks are applied to your apparel product. Inks that are trusted by all apparel companies. We know that these inks can bring vibrancy and longevity to t shirts, Jackets, Sweat shirts, Hoodies, etc. We have seen the effects of great method and great product. We know that you will love the product. We guarantee it. Stop settling for less and spending more in the long run. Some of these examples are vinyl. We are aware of a few facts about vinyl. It cracks very quickly. It tends to peel and fade. Clients are forced to wash their shirts wrong side out to just keep the logos on the shirts. It’s just not a good way to do apparel. Vinyl is designed for a flat service that doesn’t move or change shape. Vinyl works great on vehicles for business information or for cute stickers. We have actually used vinyl on our own vehicles. It’s great. But it was never designed to withstand the wear and tear of an apparel item. Therefore, we don’t even offer that service. We advise businesses and groups to stay away from it. Screen printing is designed to keep up with apparel.

Want Some Premium Custom Advertising that lasts?

Just give us a call or fill out the contact form below. We offer free delivery across the USA to places like Kansas City, Missouri, Bloomington, Indiana and everywhere else across the USA! You can even follow us on facebook or if your curious about our work check out some of our examples here.

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