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What do we mean by free delivery? Kansas City, MO And beyond



When we say free delivery, we mean it, there’s no prime subscription, just free delivery!

Kansas city, MO Free Delivery screen printing

We deliver –

We ship all our orders and products free of charge no matter how small or how big of an order. That means we can ship 1 t-shirt to 1,000,000 t-shirts from here in Warrensburg, MO To Kansas City, MO – Springfield, MO – St. Louis, MO – Independence, MO – Lees Summit, MO and everywhere in the United States! Completely free of charge! We could go on to list more but you get the point.


Free means free –

Delivering our product to Kansas City, MO or Springfield, MO Even Tampa, FL We won’t charge you shipping because of location its all free to you directly to your business or residence!


Premium Delivery, with a premium product –

The reason we deliver our premium custom screen printed apparel and products, to places such as St. Louis, MO – Sedalia, MO – Warrensburg, MO Is because we believe you shouldn’t pay more because of where you live or what you do! You should have the same opportunity to order custom products like any other business no matter the location!


Screen printing and custom products –

We love making our custom screen printed shirts and custom products! It feels great to know we are helping businesses and groups across the USA! From Kansas City, MO All they way out to the far reaches of this great country!

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