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why screen printed apparels are better ?

Why screen printing over other techniques ?

Clearer image​ – Screen printing creates unique visual outputs when compared to digital printing. The ink for screen printing is absorbed deeper, providing clearer edges to the image. Resulting in long-lasting, brighter and more vibrant colours even on darker shades. For garment design that requires a high level of vibrancy when printing on dark backgrounds, screen printing is still the best option.

Durability​ – the ability of screen printing, with plastisol ink, to bond over the material of the garment results in a more durable and clearer image compared to digital printing. Heat-dried screen printing inks are also durable enough to handle repeat washing without cracking or fading. Also, additives and coatings can be added to the ink to make it resistant to UV rays, scratches, chemicals and moisture, allowing the products to last for many years.

Cost Effective​ – Unfortunately, for single and small orders, screen printing can be a little more expensive than other printing techniques. This is ultimately due to the fact that involves much more preparation. Screens have to be created for each colour in the design and essentially more time is involved. However, for companies wishing to order in bulk, screen printing is the perfect option. The more products you require, the cheaper the total cost will be.

● Perfect for larger designs consisting of one or two colors.
● Ideal for printing onto cotton and poly cotton clothing items
● The ink is heat dried, therefore the garments can withstand the roughness of machine washing.

● Not cost effective for low qty orders


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